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Situated within the town itself Earth Resculpted is a working studio/gallery which displays Ceramic Sculptures and Plaster Reliefs created by Bridget Haines. Visitors are able to both purchase items and see the process involved as Bridget will be sculpting on the premises during opening hours. Open: Thursdays and Fridays 10am - 5pm, with out of hours viewings also possible by arrangement.

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Having opened in May 2017 Earth Resculpted is a very new addition to the town of Bovey Tracey. Situated towards the top of the town with parking available close by it offers a unique venue to visit.

The studio/gallery displays hand modelled Ceramic Sculptures and Plaster Reliefs created by Bridget Haines.  

Bridget has been creating fine earthenware sculptures and decorating them for many years. More recently she has been sculpting finely detailed pieces in stoneware and terracotta clays, leaving them with minimal or no decoration to highlight the clays natural beauty.   

Alongside her ceramic work Bridget also creates plaster reliefs and for the last two years has been invited to attend the Listed Property Show at Olympia to undertake hand modelling demonstrations. 

The plaster reliefs in the studio/gallery have been created on panels to make them portable. Plasterwork of this type however can be designed and formed directly onto a wall, work which Bridget has previously undertaken alongside a specialist plasterer. 

The studio/gallery offers visitors the opportunity to both purchase and see works being created, as Bridget will be sculpting on the premises and answering any questions during opening times.

Open: Thursdays and Fridays 10am - 5pm, with out of hours viewing possible by arrangement. Commissions also undertaken.

Please feel free to drop in and take a look.

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Earth Resculpted

9, Town Hall Place,
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