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This form needs at least 3 working days to be processed. If you want to make an urgent booking, then please phone 01626 834217

As soon as your booking has been processed, we will send you a BACS invoice. Your booking is not committed to our diary systems until payment has been received. All prices inclusive of VAT.

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Booking location, date and times (to include setting up and clearing away)

Location Cost office hours Cost other hours
Main Hall £10 £14
Hall Extended £15 £21

I have read and agreed to the booking conditions below and on the website. I am 18 years of age or older and I understand that the booking is a legally binding agreement.

Additional Booking Information

In case of cancellation or amendment after a booking is accepted and within 30 days of the hire period, full payment for the original duration of accepted bookings (plus any additional hours) will be required, regardless of whether that time has been fully used (to cover ‘lost opportunity’ costs for bookings that might have been taken for that period).

To fulfil the fire safety requirements of this licence, all hirers must give the name of a steward who must be over the age of 18. They will be responsible for the evacuation of the building in the case of an emergency and will be responsible for locating fire exits and ensuring the evacuation of those with limited mobility or other disability is considered if required. He/she must also ensure, as is reasonably possible and without endangering life, that the evacuation of the hired rooms is complete. It is recommended that this person does not consume alcohol immediately prior to or (if available) at the function.

The sale of alcohol is not permitted unless a licence is obtained – the hirer must not apply for a licence unless this is agreed with the Centre Manager on booking, who will then advise the hirer how to apply for the licence. The license holder for the sale of alcohol must also be named on this booking form.

Alcohol - can only be brought onto the premises with the express prior agreement of the Centre Manager.

Entry - The site caretaker will available 5 minutes before the start time to unlock. The caretaker will also be present at the finish time.

Payment - Payment is by invoice using BACS, a deposit may be required for some events. This is at the discretion of the Centre Manager.

Fire precautions - Locate fire extinguishers and note where fire exits are. Our fire regulations guidance state 60 maximum number seated theatre style and maximum 80 for bistro style and standing. 

Tables & Chairs - Stored in the main hall storage cupboard are 14 tables and 80 chairs.

Please return neatly and wiped down at end of use.

Kitchen - Please leave all heated water on.


Those under 16 years of age are not permitted to access the kitchen area.

Parking - There is ample parking next to the Community Centre. This is managed by Teignbridge District Council. Their terms and conditions must be adhered to. Payment can be made using the Ticket Machines or by the identified parking app.

Breakages - Please note all damage, breakage and theft of any property must be paid for and will be included in the bill or deducted from your deposit. The facilities are regularly inspected.  

Under 18s - Any lettings for use by under 18s require a responsible adult steward to remain at the village hall during hire. 

Noise - The hall is situated in a semi-residential area, please be sensitive to outside noise levels. 

Refuse - Please tidy after use and place recycling and full rubbish sacks inside the wheelie bins - or even better, take your rubbish home with you!

GDPR - Booking forms are kept for three months after hire, then are destroyed. Personal data from individuals making bookings is held securely, and only used for the purposes of making hall bookings.

Toilets -The premises have accessible toilets. 

Smoking in the Community Centre is not permitted. 

Please leave the Community Centre as you would wish to find it - thank you.


Bovey Tracey Town Council takes its statutory safeguarding duties for children/young people¹ and adults at risk² seriously and we expect organisations and individuals hiring town council properties and facilities to do the same. If your hiring of council premises involves children, young people and/or vulnerable adults participating in ‘regulated activity’³ please provide us with a copy of your Safeguarding/Child Protection Policy in addition to the names and DBS numbers of all staff involved with unsupervised face to face work, and all staff who act as an official supervisor (see definitions below).

Definitions: 1 Children/young persons - In England, Northern Ireland and Wales, a child is someone who has not yet reached their 18th birthday. Once they turn 18, they are legally an adult. (source NSPCC 2019) Adult at Risk – 2 An adult at risk, previously known as a vulnerable adult is used to describe anyone aged 18 and over and applies to all adults who have care and support needs and who are experiencing, or are at risk of, abuse or neglect, and are unable to protect themselves. (source Devon and Cornwall Police) 3  Regulated Activity – More than 3 days in a 30-day period or overnight between 2am & 6am with the opportunity for face to face contact with children (source Disclosing and Barring Service) 

You can download the booking terms and conditions by clicking here