2019 Elections

When: 01.01.1970

The 2019 ordinary Parish elections will be held on Thursday 2 May 2019, when they will be combined with elections for Teignbridge District Council.

The election cycle begins with the publication of the Notice of Election. The latest date by which this Notice must be published is Tuesday 26 March. However, because of the large number of nominations received at District and Parish elections, Teignbridge District Council intend to publish the Notice of Election in Teignbridge on Monday 18 March, to allow a slightly longer nomination period. This is when Purdah (or the pre-election period) will commence.

The Notice of Election will be published locally, with additional copies being sent to Town & Parish Clerks for placing on the parish notice boards. All relevant election notices will also be published on Teignbridge Council’s website along with other information pertaining to the elections.

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