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Bovey Tracey Town Council Small Grants Award Policy

Bovey Tracey Town Council provides small grants of money to local community groups and charities that provide benefits to residents in the wards of Bovey & Heathfield (e.g. the Parish). A budget for small grants is set annually at the beginning of the financial year.

Priority is given to parish based organisations but the Town Council will consider grants to organisations not based in the Parish where they can show that they are directly working with, or on behalf of, Bovey & Heathfield residents.

Grant applications will not be considered where the applicant is:-

  -  not providing a service to the community in Bovey Parish.

  -  supporting a national or international appeal.

  -  requesting an award retrospectively.

  -  an individual (organisations may seek grants for individuals).

  -  a single ‘for profit’ business.

  -  a political group or promoting political beliefs.

  -  discriminating on the grounds of age, colour, disability, marital status, race, gender, nationality or religion.

  -  applying for animal welfare.

Grant applications will be considered where:-

  1. i) The applicant can demonstrate that a grant will be of benefit to the community of Bovey Parish

          and ii) The applicant is a not-for-profit organisation

Applying for the Grant: 
    Application Form access

            - Applicants can receive only one grant in any one financial year.

            - Applications must be made on the form supplied.

            - Applications are to be addressed to Town Clerk and either emailed, posted or handed in at the Town Council Office.

            - All grant applications must be accompanied by the latest set of annual accounts, failing this, a current statement of the          organisation’s funds and balances

            - Applications for grants that do not comply with these guidelines will not be considered by the Committee.

            - Applications will be considered by the Finance & General Purposes Committee at their regular (bi-monthly) Committee Meetings

            - Applications must be submitted, at the latest, by the close of business on the Monday of the week preceding the week of the Finance & General Purposes Committee meeting.

            - The applicant may attend the Committee meeting and speak in support of their application if they wish to do so.

            - Grants may be made for less than the amount granted.

            - The Committee’s decision will be final

After award of a grant

             - The grant must be used only for the purpose for which the application     was made.

             - The Council requires, as a condition of approval, that the support of the Council is acknowledged in all press releases etc.

            - Feedback is given to the Council on the use of the monies awarded.

            - The money must be used within two years of award.

            - Any unspent monies after this time must be returned.

More information or advice

If help is needed filling in the form or further information required, please contact:-

The Town Clerk

Bovey Tracey Town Council

Riverside Community Centre

Station Road

Bovey Tracey

TQ13 9AW

or email: 

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