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King Charles III  Coronation Commemorative Hallmark image 1

Historically, commemorative marks have been added to the regular hallmark to signify a special event The current commemorative mark depicts the King’s head against an oval background To celebrate the coronation of King Charles III a commemorative hallmark has been approved. Based on a medal by Ian Rank-Broadley FRBS and using artwork supplied by Thomas Fattorini, the mark depicts the King’s head against an oval background. It can be applied to gold, silver, platinum or palladium items, by any of the four UK assay offices. The approval process involved the assay offices considering a selection of possible designs and submitting two to the British Hallmarking Council which chose the design depicting the King’s head. The King’s Coronation Mark will be an optional mark. Punches will be available in sizes 1mm to 6mm and the minimum size will be 1mm for punches, and 0.75mm for laser application to the precious metal item . The King’s Coronation Mark can be placed anywhere viable on the precious metal item being hallmarked, not necessarily next to the statutory hallmark, and can differ in size from the compulsory component marks. It can be made as large as is practically possible on the item being submitted. The King’s Coronation Mark can be used with or without the current Date Letter mark. Commemorative hallmarks have proved popular with UK consumers, Most recently, before the greatly mourned death of Queen Elizabeth II, a Platinum Jubilee mark in 2022 proved popular with UK consumers. This followed a distinguished history of jubilee hallmarks going back to 1934, and a previous coronation hallmark for Queen Elizabeth II. A spokesperson for the Assay Offices of the UK said “The UK Assay Offices have a long tradition of capturing special events with the creation of commemorative hallmarks. The special mark provides an additional narrative for products carrying the mark. Equally importantly, it brings the importance of the hallmark into focus with the jewellery-buying consumer.” Not everone is familiar with UK Law / Hallmarking act of 1973 which is one of the earliest forms of consumer protection that is still playing a vital role within the UK today . ( Other countries around the globe may have a hallmarking system in place / embedded in their laws too ) Jewellers, silversmiths, Goldsmiths and Platinumsmiths and retailers can request the mark from their registered Hallmarking / assay office from 1 March 2023 until the end of 2024. So after reading the historic information above................... Lasting Impressions Bespoke Goldsmiths in Bovey Tracey a multi award winning business ( London , Goldsmiths Hall ) Can help you create a family heirloom of the future for your family to pass down the generations !