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In a change from our normal format Paradiso Cinema Club is delighted to present a unique evening exploring wild swimming. The evening will commence with a talk and Q&A by Devonian author Simon Tozer. Amongst many of his titles Simon is the author of “Wylde Swimming”. We will follow with the award winning film, Wildwater. A fascinating look at and a dive into the cold water swimming community at England’s highest beach. Simon Tozer is a Devonian author who writes novels and guidebooks about the county he loves. He wrote his second novel "Wylde swimming" in 2022 and so many people thought it was a guide to wild swimming places that he decided to write two of these in 2023. As a keen lover of walking and local history, he started to add these in too, so the books grew and they have proven very popular. To date there are three novels and three local guidebooks with more on the way for 2024. Wild Swimming on Dartmoor - You will hear many people say "Wild swimming? when I was a kid it was just called swimming". Whilst that might be true, some of the locations on Dartmoor are truly "wild", whereas others are much more popular and busy. Where are the best places to swim? How should you go about it? What is the history behind these swimming locations? What are my own experiences of swimming on Dartmoor as a child through the present day.