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I offer a relaxed, in person reflexology therapy  from my treatment room in Bovey Tracey.
I am a Reflexologist and certified Health and Nutrition Coach with a passion for healing. I am commited to looking for the best ways to stay healthy, constantly learing, I want to share what I learn with everyone!Being a Refloxolgist allows me to do just that.
I practice a 'hands on' therapy for your holisite heglth based around Tradition Chinese Medicine techniques or meridian therapy.
Reflexology is one of the one of the oldest recorded therapies in the world.
It was first recorded around 5000BC.
Ancient Egypt, China and India were all using a form of foot reflexology.
Over many years we have refined this treatment and are gaining general recognition for its many benefits It is also one of tie most effective forms of preventative healthcare.
By working on the soles of the feet, it may be possible for therapists to detect conditions in need of attention.
It continues to grow in popularity as more and more people enjoy how it restores and maintains their body's balance and eases their health issues.
As a complementary therapy, reflexology is becoming recognised by GPs, hospices and others in the medical profession as a useful complement to other healthcare practices including conventional medical treatments.
The benefits of Reflexology:

Release of tension
Improved mood
Aids sleeping
Promotes wellbeing

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